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I am an Edmonton-born and based graphic designer, blogger, social media goon, wannabe photographer & writer, and lover of all things zombie! In fact, in July 2014, I self-published my very first zombie novel, The Turn. In October 2016, I put out a second book, 101 Reasons Why I Heart Edmonton, which has nothing to do with the undead, by the way.


In 2009, I started I Heart Edmonton, which is dedicated to promoting, praising, and celebrating all the things to see and do in Edmonton, as well as the amazing people and places that make my hometown the best city in the whole country! It started as a blog, but has since evolved into an award-winning social media platform (@iheartedmonton).


I am a former Board member (Communications Director) of the Edmonton Pride Festival Society (2014-16), and ran Queer Edmonton from 2014-17. I also enjoy movies, music, reading, traveling, and all things zombie! Oh wait, I said that already.

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There's nothing more I would love to do than see the world. I know, I know, everyone wants to see the world, but what percentage of those folks actually set out to do it? Not a large number. I certainly would not consider myself a traveler, nor do I claim to have seen a lot of places outside of my home country, Canada. But I don't plan on being one of those folks who just talks about seeing other places...nope, I need to see those other places!


So far, my travel experience is rather pathetic. I've only been as far as Peru, and only recently began traveling beyond the Canadian border. But that travel bug up and bit me (quite literally...long story!), and the desire now outweighs common sense reasoning. I need to see more! Right here is where I'll document - really just for myself, because who else really cares, right?! - the cities and towns I've been able to visit. Click on those yellow stars on the map below to take a closer look at the places I've been to so far. Bon voyage!

I am a proud member of the local LGBTQ+ community here in Edmonton, where progress has become part of our city's identity. Edmonton is full of amazing gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and queer leaders who refuse to become complacent with how far we've come!


In June 2014, I founded Queer Edmonton, a free online resource for Edmonton's LGBTQ+ folks who are looking for information, resources, events, places, the history, and so much more. After much thought, I decided to shut it down in January 2017.


Later that same year, I joined the Board of Directors of the Edmonton Pride Festival Society as the Communications Director. One of my first projects was The Rainbow Effect, a 35th anniversary commemorative magazine featuring stories, interviews, photographs, and more from our queer past, present & future. I left the Pride Festival in September 2016.


I will continue to give my time to a cause near & dear to me, and one that I will remain a part of for many years to come. #yegpride


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