I am proud to call Edmonton home. I always have been and I have no doubt that I always will, because there is something special about this Prairie city right in the heart of Alberta, surrounded by pristine lakes, luscious farmland, and those immaculate Rocky Mountains. Over the last decade alone, Edmonton has grown into its true potential, finally earning the recognition as one of the must-see metros of North America. Although we are now sold out online, you can still pick up a copy at Tix on the Square in downtown Edmonton, on Churchill Square (780.420.1757)

101 Reasons Why

 I Heart Edmonton (2016)

The Turn (2014)

Even before the world was overrun by insatiable "biters," Andrew was indifferent when it came to everything in his life, still struggling with an immense loss. But, with no understanding as to why, his survival instincts kick in during "the turn," and Andrew sets out to find a way to live amongst the undead. Now, he's got to figure out why he bothers to carry on, when all he wants to do is end it for good.

The Turn by emil tiedemann
"A good story and great characters..." - Zombie Book Blog

other projects...

The Rainbow Effect

When I joined the Board of Directors of the Edmonton Pride Festival Society in 2014, I had no idea the extent of my duties, nor did I realize just how important the position was within the local LGBTQ+ community. We had a voice and a responsibility, both of which led to this commemorative magazine to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the Pride Festival in Edmonton. The Rainbow Effect is a 65-page collection of articles, stories, and photographs documenting the history of LGBTQ+ people in the Edmonton region. I proudly contributed nine articles to this special publication, which was sold during the 2015 Pride Festival.

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