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101 Ways to Start Overhauling Your Life Right NOW!

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

Small steps lead to epic transformations.

Photo by Clark Tibbs.

I don't care how old, young, overweight, broke, lazy, lame, out of shape, out of control, insecure, unattractive, or unaware you think you are...if you're ready to make a change for the better in how you live your life, you need to silence those excuses...pronto! Excuses can be toxic to bettering yourself and your life because they hold you back, they keep you down, and they discourage curiosity and spontaneity. Procrastination is a cousin of the excuse, putting your hopes, desires, or even your responsibilities on the back burner rather than taking action to improve upon all facets of your life right here and now. "I'll do it later"; "I don't have time"; "I'm not rich!"; "People will think I'm crazy"; "Why even bother!" These are just some of the articulated toxins running through our veins, spewing out of our mouths so that we can rationalize sitting on the couch watching The Bachelor or Real Housewives rather than making shit happen for ourselves. Hell, even the morons on these asinine (no offense) shows made shit happen for themselves, although I hope your aim is higher than "reality show stooge." If you're sick and tired of your own bullshit excuses, you're already ahead of the curve. If you want to start on a better path right now, then you need to take action right now, it's as simple as that. Below, I have listed off more than a hundred actions you can do or at least start today in order to begin your own life overhaul. I certainly don't expect anyone to immediately try all 101 (although that'd be like some sort of warrior shit if you did!), but there must be at least a few you can take a stab at right after you finish reading this here blog. Over the next few days try a few others, and then even more the following week, until you're excited and enthusiastic about who you see staring back at you in the mirror. I challenge you to do just fact, I fucking DARE you! And if you accept the challenge (and/or dare), please send me a message or post a comment about how it has worked for you, or perhaps your own "take action" suggestion for folks who are in the same boat. Now, it's time to take some action...

  1. Declutter your closets or desk (or both)

  2. When someone cuts you off in traffic, let it go and don’t get angry

  3. Eat at least one piece of fruit or vegetable per day

  4. Download the “Waterlogged” app (or a similar one) to keep track of your water intake

  5. Add up what you spent on non-essentials last month & cut that in half for next month

  6. Clean out your vehicle and give it a wash

  7. Disable notifications for social media apps on your phone (take whole “offline” days/weeks)

  8. Give meditation a try for at least a month (use an app such as “Headspace”)

  9. Throw out, donate, or give away clothes you no longer like or wear

  10. Take a cold shower (start off warm, gradually lowering the temperature of the water)

  11. Try taking vitamins (namely D3 and B12)

  12. Try a different approach and think outside the box

  13. Write down 3-5 things you’re grateful for in a journal at the end of each day

  14. Put away 10% of your paycheque for an emergency fund and/or vacation

  15. Try a 30-day challenge of no soda (or caffeine altogether)

  16. Get your books/movies/music from the library instead of buying them

  17. Subscribe to or sign up for a newsletter from a wellness blog or podcast

  18. When you catch yourself worrying, stop it! Make yourself think positively instead

  19. Actually listen to what someone is saying before you respond

  20. Stop calling yourself “stupid” or “an idiot” when you “mess up"

  21. Welcome as much nature into your life through walks, house plants, gardens, etc.

  22. Make your bed every single morning

  23. Hold the door open for people and say “hello” to them

  24. Go for a walk during the lunch hour or sometime in the morning or evening

  25. Don’t change lanes if the person in front of you is slow, practice patience

  26. Try organic options when you can afford to (especially strawberries)

  27. Be happy for others, including strangers

  28. Listen to music more often and always feel free to sing aloud

  29. Unsubscribe to magazines, apps, clubs, and channels you don’t utilize

  30. Give up Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or TikTok (or all four) for one full month

  31. Don’t drink caffeine at least 6 hours before you go to bed

  32. Research intermittent fasting and maybe give it a try

  33. Sign up for a charity walk, fun run, or obstacle course

  34. Watch YouTube videos that will inspire, motivate, or educate you

  35. Read at least one book a month (including some non-fiction)

  36. Stop watching the news (it’s too negative)

  37. Instead of buying gifts, make something or invest in an experience

  38. Organize all of your paperwork into folders, binders, or the trash bin

  39. Purchase healthy snacks like almonds, seeds, fruit, veggies, raisins, or dark chocolate

  40. Toss out all those spare cords and instructions (et al) in your drawers

  41. Ask your bank or credit card company to lower your fees and/or interest rates

  42. Declutter your digital world (phone, email, desktop, etc.)

  43. Make coffee/tea at home instead of buying it at a café/store

  44. Unfollow, unfriend, or mute negative or unhealthy social media friends

  45. When you come across a word you don’t know, look up its definition

  46. Start planning a trip/vacation, even if it’s a year (or longer) away

  47. Eat less and less highly processed foods until they no longer appeal to you

  48. Compliment people (including strangers) more often

  49. Volunteer with an organization you support

  50. Try a month-long challenge of no alcohol

  51. Add an hour to your sleep routine

  52. Stop trying to impress people, being yourself is always good enough

  53. Don’t flush the toilet every time you pee

  54. Slow down, because rushing can lead to stress, anger, and mistakes

  55. Try organic/natural hygiene products instead

  56. Save your spare change for a “luxury” item or experience

  57. Organize a games night, BBQ, or date night

  58. Listen to a podcast or audio book in the car instead of the radio

  59. Engage in conversation more, but avoid gossip, criticizing, and complaining

  60. Sell things online that you no longer want (Kijiji, Craigslist, etc.)

  61. Wash your hands more often

  62. Before you start yelling, say this in your head: “is this useful?”

  63. Find a workout/walking buddy, even if it’s a stranger from a site like

  64. Turn things off as soon as you’re done with them (TV, lights, water, etc.)

  65. Accept that your way isn’t always the only way of doing things

  66. Try picking up the litter on your street or in your neighbourhood

  67. Make tomorrow’s lunch at home today instead of buying it at a restaurant

  68. Put your keepsakes into a scrap/memory book instead of in a box in the basement

  69. When you do something nice for someone, don’t look for something in return

  70. Look into growing your own vegetables, herbs, and/or spices

  71. Clean out and maintain your refrigerator and cupboards

  72. Find an all-in-one notebook to jot down tips, lists, quotes, ideas, thoughts, plans, etc.

  73. Sign up for a yoga, painting, language, exercise, spin, writing, or Pilates class

  74. Check out the farmers’ market for fresh, organic produce

  75. Stop putting yourself and others down

  76. Don’t feel guilty about taking a day off or setting aside time for yourself

  77. Educate yourself through documentaries instead of reality TV

  78. Stop multi-tasking, do one thing at a time

  79. If you work in an office, ask your boss for a “sit-standing” desk

  80. Implement the “1-minute rule”

  81. Smile and laugh more (even when you’re alone)

  82. Practice your manners (even when you’re alone)

  83. Make daily lists of what you want to accomplish each day

  84. Avoid pricey and unhealthy convenience stores whenever possible

  85. Tidy up as you go, and do a clean sweep before bedtime

  86. Think about investing some of your savings

  87. (Properly) stretch as soon as you wake up

  88. Borrow household or yard work items instead of buying new ones

  89. Invest in a stainless steel water bottle

  90. Download an app that will help you stay motivated to exercise

  91. Try a one-week challenge of no TV or Internet

  92. Before you get to work/school tell yourself to be patient with and kind to everyone

  93. Don’t be afraid or embarrassed to ask for help

  94. Find your own personal mantra

  95. Always be mindful


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