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Alberta Bucket List Adventure #15: Try homemade perogies

One of the easiest "adventures" on this bucket list has got to be "try homemade perogies," because these little bastards are just so damn tasty! The hard part might be finding perogies that are actually "homemade."

Homemade perogies courtesy of my sister!

No matter how you spell them (perogie, perogy, pyrogy, pirogi, or pierogi), these delicious little dumplings – usually filled with cheese and/or potatoes – are a favourite amongst many Albertans. Already a staple in Eastern Europe for hundreds of years, perogies would eventually make their way to Canada by the 20th century, particularly in the Prairies.

“Regional foods are a reflection of the people, which, given Central Alberta’s high Ukrainian population, makes it easy to see why perogies are an iconic food in this area,” said Edmonton-based food blogger Phil “Baconhound” Wilson, who suggests you douse your perogies with butter, sour cream, and maybe some fried onions and bacon “for good measure.”

Although you can buy the treats frozen at the supermarket (think Edmonton-based CHEEMO Perogies), they are best enjoyed homemade! For a homemade recipe, try “Baba’s Traditional Ukrainian Perogies Recipe”!



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