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My name is Emil Tiedemann and I love writing about things most people probably don't care about. I have a strange obsession with horror cinema. I collect songs digitally. I can probably kick your ass at hide & seek, pop culture trivia, or Ms. Pac-Man. And I don't get the big deal over Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. I mean, he's fine, I don't not like the guy ... but, what am I missing here?

On a less personal note, I am a writer, a blogger, a graphic designer, and an amateur photographer from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, where I run an award-winning blog ('I Heart Edmonton'), published my first five books, and never ran a marathon. 

I am 41 years old now and I am currently in the process of embracing a 2.0 version of myself, because I believe self-improvement is a necessity for a happy and healthy life. That's where you can follow along with me and my "journey," through my blog The Overhaul, where I hope to share my thoughts and experiences with anyone who gives a shit. 


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I'm a proud Canadian who is from the beautiful city of Edmonton, Alberta. I am a writer, graphic designer, and award-winning blogger who loves to read, write, watch movies, and listen to all sorts of music. I can also probably kick your a** at Ms. Pac-Man! Read more... 

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