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     I started Ikigai Press in 2014 (known then as E.A.T. Publishing) in order to launch my first novel, The Turn. I had no plans after that for the brand, until I decided to write a second book, 101 Reasons Why I Heart Edmonton, in 2016. Since then, I have published two more books under what has since become known as Ikigai Press: The 100 Greatest Movies Challenge: Diary of a Film Buff (2020) and Popular Girls: Moments of Triumph, Tragedy and Trailblazing in a Century of Women in Music (2020). Feel free to explore these titles below...

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Women in the music industry have always had to struggle to earn the same respect as their male counterparts, and for decades biographers have skimped on their stories. Popular Girls sets out to change that and share the moments of triumph, tragedy and trailblazing in a century (and more) of women in music. From Billie Holiday to Billie Eilish, you can count on every notable name in the industry to have her story told here.

The 100 Greatest Movies Challenge is the ultimate list of the Top 100 movies of all time, as it accumulates and calculates the lists of 10 different publications, organizations, and websites to come up with the best of the best of cinema. The book doubles as your own personal movie journal, allowing you to record your favourite (and worst) movie memories, write your personal reviews, and log and rate more than 500 additional film titles.

Edmonton is a place of opportunity and prosperity, where folks celebrate their diversity, culture, social equality, sustainability, and so much more. There are so many reasons why I am in love with my hometown Edmonton, so many in fact that I felt compelled to put together this book. Flip through these pages and you'll soon understand why I - and so many others - heart Edmonton, and why you will too!

Even before the world was overrun by insatiable "biters," Andrew was indifferent when it came to everything in his life, still struggling with an immense loss. But, with no understanding as to why, his survival instincts kick in during "the turn," and Andrew sets out to find a way to live amongst the undead. Now he's got to figure out why he bothers to carry on, when all he wants is to end it for good. 

"A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies."


I'm a proud Canadian who is from the beautiful city of Edmonton, Alberta. I am a writer, graphic designer, and award-winning blogger who loves to read, write, watch movies, and listen to all sorts of music. I can also probably kick your a** at Ms. Pac-Man! Read more... 

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