Setting goals has always been one of my favourite things to do. Getting them done, that's the hard part. That's why I wanted to hold myself accountable by sharing my 50x50 list here for anyone to see and check up on me. What is my 50x50 list? It is simply the 50 goals I want to accomplish by the time I turn 50 years old. I kicked off this ambitious list on September 29, 2019, the day I turned 40, giving myself a full decade to cross each and every one of these goals off my list, one by one. This page is dedicated to that list, with each accomplished goal (or in the process) highlighted in blue and linked to my blog, The Overhaul. Please feel free to follow along and take on your own challenge! Note: You may notice that some of the spots are blank ... that's because I know there will be new goals I will want to accomplish as I go, and so I will fill those in when I figure those out! 

1. Conquer mindfulness

2. Host a dinner party

3. Start a new website

4. Read 100 books

5. Visit Colin in Winnipeg

6. Start and complete my horror film project

7. Discover my ancestry

8. Complete 5 challenges

9. Travel to Asia

10. Be kinder and more considerate and understanding

11. Learn 25 new skills

12. Get into the best shape of my life

13. Invest my money

14. Go on more dates

15. Get to know my hometown more

16. Annual "spontaneous days"

17. Visit New York City

18. Volunteer for a local organization/ festival

19. Try new foods (list)

20. Go on an actual hike

21. Buy a new vehicle

22. Master an endurance event

23. Publish my fourth book

24. Buy a home

25. Start a YouTube channel or podcast

26. Learn how to make an old-fashioned

27. Purchase a new and improved camera

28. Create an entire song

29. Become an entrepreneur

30. Try 50 new things

31. Embark on a sweet-ass road trip

32. Save $10,000

33. Accomplish 100 micro feats

34. Get a new tattoo

35. Lose 40 pounds

36. Make 25 life improvements

37. Finish my '100 Movies' lists

38. Quit being a 'pothead'

39. Try ziplining

40. Become the version of me I want to be

41. Rekindle an old friendship

42. Take a course/ class

43. Build MY bookshelf

44. Produce a short film

45. Own a suit

46. TBD

47. TBD

48. TBD

49. TBD

50. TBD

What are your goals? 


I'm a proud Canadian who is from the beautiful city of Edmonton, Alberta. I am a writer, graphic designer, and award-winning blogger who loves to read, write, watch movies, and listen to all sorts of music. I can also probably kick your a** at Ms. Pac-Man! Read more... 

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