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50x50 Challenge #11: Purchase a Bicycle

Updated: Jan 14, 2023

It's probably been at least 20 years since the last time I rode a bicycle, and definitely longer than that since I've actually owned a bicycle. My bikes kept getting stolen when I was younger and I eventually just stopped getting them altogether. I started taking public transit, getting a ride, or simply walking whenever I needed to get somewhere; and then I eventually bought my first car, a basic-as-can-be Dodge Neon! And because I'm just not a runner or a gym guy (yet, at least), I was running out of options for getting any sort of real exercise into my life.

Enter the bicycle.

I've always wanted to get back on a bicycle but was never motivated enough, because I always had a vehicle to take me where I needed to go; and if it was not too far, I didn't mind walking. In fact, I enjoy going for walks (depending on the scenery, I guess), and so getting a bike again was not at the top of my priority list. But it was on the list, nonetheless.

This summer, with the pandemic still looming, I decided to bite the bullet and look for a bike to purchase. I started looking at my local Canadian Tire store, but the selection was subpar and the prices were intimidating. So then I moved online and began searching for second-hand bikes on Facebook Marketplace. I quickly stumbled across a decent-looking men's bike for just $60, and the seller was only about 10 minutes car.

I got in my vehicle, drove to his house, tested out the bike, paid the man, and drove it back home. Later that day, I went for my first real bike ride since I was in my twenties. It all came back like second nature, of course. I also ended up grabbing some cycling equipment at the Canadian Tire later on, such as a helmet, bike lock, seat cover, and a bell.

And it was that easy! It set me back about $150 (with the accessories) and took me no time at all. I have a bike again, and I'm pretty excited about it, to be honest. However, with the hotter-than-ever summer we had in Edmonton, I was not as inspired to ride as much as I had anticipated. So, hopefully I will settle into a routine this fall, or at least by next spring. The point is that I got it! That's the first step....


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