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My Games

Back when COVID-19 was changing our lives for better or worse, I chose "for better," and used my sudden abundance of spare time to CREATE! After finishing a book project of mine, I began working on my first GAME, which would eventually become "The Fame Name Game," a celebrity trivia card game that I finally self-published in April 2022. Since then, I have come up with two more games: "Quest Alberta" (2024) and "SparQs" (2024). Please feel free to message me if you have any questions about any of my games! Cheers! 



SparQs Box Promo 1.png

SPARQS exists to help people get to know each other in a fun, relaxing, and yes, even structured way. It is meant to get people talking, to ignite discussion and debate, and to get the ball rolling on an evening of fascinating and eye-opening conversation! It’s a rather simple concept: With a group of at least two people (the more the merrier!), the person whose first (or last) name comes first alphabetically will select a card first; they read the questions to themselves (not aloud) and then decide which category they would like to ask from. There are four categories (FUN, POP, HMM, and SIP) and each person can choose just one per round. Once the first person has decided on a category, they must read the question aloud. The reader will answer the question first, followed by the person directly to their left, and so on. There is also a "drinking game" aspect to SPARQS (please drink responsibly)!

Ages: 18+ / Players: 2+

Quest Alberta
Quest Alberta Promo (No Background).png

Quest Alberta

If you're from the gorgeous and grand western Canadian province of Alberta, and you think you know more about your home province than the average Albertan, then QUEST ALBERTA just might be your cup of tea! Trek across the province and collect all five of the National Park Tokens (Banff, Elk Island, Jasper, Waterton Lakes, and Wood Buffalo) by navigating "Wild Cards" and more than 200 multiple choice trivia questions. The QUEST ALBERTA trivia boardgame comes with: 1 game board (18"x18"), 210 trivia question cards, 42 "Wild Cards," 20 National Park Tokens, 4 "I Got This" Tokens, 4 player avatars (markers), 2 dice, and 1 instructions guide. I am also working on a companion trivia book that will offer hundreds of additional questions! 

Ages: 12+ / Players: 2-4

The Fame Name Game

The Fame Name Game

TFNG Box Screenshot.jpg
Billie Eilish.png
Albert Einstein.png

Are you good with names? Do you follow celebrity culture or stay up-to-date on what’s happening in the news? If you’ve answered “yes” to these questions, you could very well be the next champion of THE FAME NAME GAME! This famous person guessing game is perfect for your next get-together! Invite your friends and family over and see who can collect the most points based on your pop culture knowledge. Although most of the 350 cards included in THE FAME NAME GAME are actors or singers, there are also famous athletes, supermodels, authors, world leaders, media personalities, and billionaire CEOs in the mix...from Eilish to Einstein! There are multiple ways to play this celebrity trivia game, and it’s simple enough that almost anyone can play almost anywhere! So, call up your friends and challenge them to THE FAME NAME GAME, the most fun you’ll have with your fountain of “useless” pop culture knowledge that you knew would pay off one day! That day has finally arrived!

Ages: 14+ / Players: 2+

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