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My Resolutions for 2022 (& How I Did With My 2021 Goals)

Updated: Aug 10, 2022

Although I had high hopes for 2021, in terms of COVID relief, the year turned out to be a giant letdown. In fact, even as I write this, the Omicron variant is promising to make sure COVID remains a pain in our arses well into the new year. Sure, it sucks, but to be honest, I think we've adapted pretty well to this ongoing global pandemic, all things considered.

Despite COVID, however, there was plenty to be thankful for during 2021, including starting a new job, getting to hang out with my nephew on a weekly basis, and not getting COVID! Oh, and I somehow managed to accomplish six of the 10 resolutions I made for 2021, including optimizing productivity, starting a new book project, learning the basics of Spanish (todavía tengo mucho que ir), reading 20 books, mastering mindfulness, and accomplishing five goals from my 50x50 list!

Even though I did not reach all of my goals for the year, I am more than satisfied with what I did accomplish during 2021, and I am beyond excited to get started on my list for 2022! For the record, I'll simply be adding the four goals I did not meet (lose 30 pounds; walk 2 million steps, save $10,000; go on a road trip) onto my 2022 list, in some form or another. I'll just have to try a little harder this time 'round!

I've said it before and I'll say it again: I believe that setting goals (or resolutions) is an optimal way to motivate yourself, to inspire others, to organize your aspirations, and thus to live your life to the fullest! But you have to take your goals seriously. You can't arbitrarily come up with some objectives that you think you might want to tackle before giving up a week or two into the new year and then writing it off with, "Oh well, there's always next year!" That just ain't gonna cut it.

Get serious about what you really want out of life, whether that's immediately or in the future. Sit down with a pen and paper and start jotting down ideas...things you've always wanted to do or try; things that will move you forward in life; things that will make you a better person and improve your happiness and standard of living. These could be small things (like going for more walks or learning a new party trick) or they could be much larger things (like visiting a new continent or buying your first home). However ambitious they might be, set some goals for yourself. Just writing them down really makes them come alive, which is why I started this blog in the first place!

I don't want to simply repeat myself every year when it comes to all the reasons why I think people should set goals for themselves (and how they set goals), so I'm just going to go right into my personal resolutions for 2022. Below, I have listed off all 12 of my resolutions (yes, I upped it to 14 this year, because why the fuck not!?), and this is also where I will update my progress, which you are free to follow along with me, if you like.

Wish me luck! As for you, good luck with whatever you come up with for your own list. And if you don't come up with a list, that's fine too...just try to make 2022 even better than 2021! Seems simple enough, no?

2022 Resolutions:

1. Accomplish 5 goals on my 50x50 list!

2. Practice and study critical thinking!

3. Lose 25 pounds!

4. Pay off my debts and save $5,000 for a trip!

5. Read at least 20 books!

6. Practice mindfulness, patience, and gratitude!

7. Walk at least 2 million steps!

8. Go somewhere!

9. Publish a new book!

10. Expand my social media reach!

11. Learn 5 new skills!

12. Take a class!

13. See my friends & family more!

14. Do something big!


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