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Alberta Bucket List Adventure #61: Selfie at St. Paul's UFO Landing Pad

With initials like "E.T.," it seemed only natural that I finally visit one of Alberta's most unique and bizarre roadside attractions out there: St. Paul's UFO Landing Pad. This one-of-a-kind beacon also happens to be #61 on "The Ultimate Alberta Bucket List" challenge!

St. Paul's most famous landmark was first proposed back in the 1960s, eventually opening up to the public on June 3, 1967 as a celebration of Canada's 100th birthday, right next to the town's Tourist Information Centre. It was the world's first UFO landing pad, made out of 130,000 kg of concrete.

According to the town's official website, the UFO Landing Pad stands as a symbol of unity. "That was the dream in 1967 and it is the dream today. We hope you’ll feel it when you walk through the door; you are very welcome here. Everyone is. Whether you need to stretch your legs from travelling or are a local looking to find a unique gift, we have you covered!"

"In 1967, people were reaching to the moon and looking at opportunities — not necessarily for aliens to land, but to give that message that we are open not just to our surrounding area, but, you know, we are an open community," said former St. Paul mayor Maureen Miller. "This then put a mark in Canada's history that we are open to everybody."

If you'd like to check out the Landing Pad for yourself, it is located at 50th Avenue and 53rd Street. You can check out the attraction's Facebook page for more information about its hours of operation.



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