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Questions to Ask Yourself to Become Your Ideal Self

In an October 2021 video titled "How to Stop Being Unconfident," self-development YouTuber Joey Schweitzer listed eight questions he believes everyone should ask themselves if they want to have a "better relationship with your own subconscious." The Canadian vlogger suggests that developing that very personal relationship will allow you to make progress in becoming your ideal self, whatever that means to you.

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The series of questions that Schweitzer came up with are important to ask if you're at all interested in becoming the ideal version of yourself, the person you want to be. They are personal questions that only you know the answers to. I'm always working towards becoming a better person than I was just the day before, and so I was eager to answer these questions as honestly and genuinely as possible.

"Your answers to these types of questions will help you uncover truths that you hold about yourself and the standards that you're trying to uphold yourself to," Schweitzer says in the video, "because whether you're aware of these ideals consciously or not, they're there in your subconscious; and your subconscious is constantly comparing your behaviour to these ideals. So, it's super important to take some time to try to figure out what constitutes a good and honourable person, according to YOU."

I recommend that you ask yourself these questions as well, or at least watch Schweitzer's video, which is available for free on his YouTube channel, Better Ideas. Here are the eight questions, as well as my personal answers to each one.

1. What kind of person do I want to be in this world?

I want to be a person with integrity. I want to be a positive role model who treats others with kindness, compassion, dignity, and respect. I want to be a person with purpose. I want to be a critical thinker, a supporter, a cheerleader of goals and ideas. I want to be someone who takes advantage of this life and inspires others to do the same. I want more than the standard. I want to be a happy man who dies without regret.

2. How can I live my life in a way that I would be proud of?

I can be proud of the way I live my life by continuing to learn, to grow, and to improve myself in all facets each and every day. By taking the advice I seek out and implementing it into my daily life. By doing what I say and meaning what I mean. By be open and honest with myself and everyone else. By providing positivity and support. By having happy and healthy relationships with the people I care most about in my life. By learning from my mistakes, taking responsibility for my wrongs, and not criticizing and judging others when they "mess up" or because they do things differently than myself. By being happy, grateful, and content.

3. What kind of habits does my ideal self have?

My ideal self would have healthy, positive habits such as eating real and whole foods, exercising on a regular basis, maintaining my hygiene, meditating, being mindful and open-minded, using critical thinking, staying organized and productive, reading, learning, spending time with the people that make my happy, helping others, setting goals, and focusing on self-improvement and self-development.

4. If I was my ideal self, how would I interact with people around me?

If I was my ideal self, I would interact with people genuinely, open-mindedly, kind-heartedly, respectfully, and without judgement or pre-conceived notions. Treat people the same way you would like for them to treat you. And when they don't, I would want to continue treating them with that same respect, rather than get angry, defensive, or upset.

5. If I was my ideal self, how would I spend my time when nobody is around?

If I was my ideal self, I would spend my alone time growing, learning, and improving. I would seek further knowledge, be productive and creative, I would meditate, think critically, set new goals, look into new ideas, fix problems, clean, organize, and remind myself of my aspirations. I would take time for myself.

6. If I was my ideal self, does my ideal self make mistakes sometimes?

If I was my ideal self, I would know and understand that even my ideal self makes mistakes. It’s okay to make mistakes, of course; it's even beneficial. It is a necessary part of life, a way to learn and grow as a person.

7. If I was my ideal self, how does my ideal self respond to mistakes I make?

If I was my ideal self, I would forgive myself for making mistakes, because nobody's perfect and I wouldn't expect anyone - especially myself - to be incapable of making errors. I would respond to others the same way as well.

8. If I was my ideal self, would I learn from my mistakes and encourage myself?

If I was my ideal self, I would learn from every mistake I made, figure out what I did wrong, and try something different the next time. I would forgive myself rather than dwelling on what I did wrong.

Once you've answered these eight questions, it's time to start implementing them into your daily life. Maybe you can have your answers in a scribbler or on your phone or computer for quick and easy access, to remind yourself of what you wrote. Always try to be aware so that you can determine how you want to respond to every person and situation from hereon out. Writing your answers down can be the first step toward living a better life and becoming your ideal self.

Take care and good luck with your journey.

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